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The Bedrock Academy

Our Bedrock Academy is designed to empower you to do it yourself—as much as possible.The Academy is packed with courses (free and paid), contract templates (you can buy as-needed), and even free resources. At minimum, you can educate yourself on your most pressing legal issues. Whether you decide to do things yourself or hire my help, you end up understanding what you need to know.

Who We Serve

You’re busy killing it in your business. Whether you’re a beauty professional, a coach, a startup maven, entrepreneur, or entertainment guru, you’re making moves in your industry, you know what it takes to help your clients and customers.

But when it comes to building long-term success with a standout brand, it takes far more than simply creating a business.

We know you take pride in your craft and you’re a rockstar at what you do. Now you need a strong business foundation to build and protect your rock-solid brand.

It’s time to learn the ins and outs of legally protecting and growing your business and avoid common mistakes that could land you in hot water.

How We Can Help

Here at Bedrock Academy, we have two main ways we can help you! 

Inside The Bedrock Academy Contract Shop , we offer done-for-you, customizable contract templates to meet all of your business needs so you can keep your bank account safe while making your business dreams a reality.  Savvy business owners always put it in writing. Get smart contracts that support your business goals and save you money by protecting your assets and limiting your legal exposure.

You’ve worked hard to create a business around your passion. You’re a creative entrepreneur—a coach, designer, writer, mentor, stylist, artist, or freelancer. You’ve got amazing clients who love you. You get paid to share your creative gifts with the world. Isn’t that just amazing? In The Bedrock Academy courses, we have a variety of courses designed to help you identify your most pressing legal matters so you know what action to take next.